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Our Mission:

The mission of Gause Academy of Leadership and Applied Technology is to provide a nurturing environment in which each student is motivated, inspired and instructed to achieve his or her full potential of becoming a positive, proud, confident, and productive individual of society.

TITLE I FASFA/ PARENT Conference Night


Where? The RP Funding Center

When?  Thursday, November 2nd and Friday, November 3rd

Who should attend? 5th and 8th grade students

Up Coming Dates

Gause Academy

Testing Information


ACT – October 3, 2017          – Gause Academy Lab

English Language Arts Grade 10 Retake – Writing                 September 25 – Oct. 6, 2017

English Language Arts Grade 10 Retake – Reading                September 25 – Oct. 6, 2017

FSA EOC Assessments: Alg. 1, GEO, Alg. 2                             September 25 – Oct. 6, 2017

FCAT EOC (Civics, US History, Biology, Reading Retakes)    Oct. 3 – 13, 2017


PSAT 10th Grade                                                                      Oct. 25, 2017

PERT – October 26, 2017        – Gause Academy Lab